We are a company specialized in the production of rubber, rubber-metal and rubber-fabric parts for industrial products. We offer reliable parts, on-time delivery, and competitive prices to our clients.

Since 1995, we have supplied big companies from Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Mexico and Germany.


Our products meet the demands of automotive, naval, aeronautical, railway, oil, and mining industries; of manufacturers of agricultural machinery / implements; and of household appliances.

We specialize in bushing, silent blocks, mounts, vibration dampers and bellows.



We work under ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards, offering homogeneous products for your company.


Besides, we have our own laboratory where quality testing is performed so as to be certain that our products are monitored, reliable and flawless.


We guarantee on-time delivery so as to help clients optimize their productive processes.

Our commitment allows clients to improve their performance, receiving orders at the right moment, without delays, and on time.


We constantly work on improvements, optimizing our costs so we can guarantee competitive prices for your company.

Our own die shop, helps you save significant amounts of time and money on the development of your new products.



Lothar Badersbach 4352

Parque Industrial San Francisco

Córdoba, Argentina

Phone: +54 3564 445832

E-Mail: comercial@emegom.com

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